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The Blackhawks Lacrosse Board of Directors meets at 8pm on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. The general session is open to league members if you wish to attend. If you have a topic you would like discussed, please e-mail it to the secretary ( ) so it can be added to the agenda.

Sandi Griffith                                 


Mike Albright                                   

Vice President

Kelly Blum                                       secretary@blackhawkslax.net


Lacie Driscol                                   


Roly Izquierdo                                 

Director of Boys Lacrosse

Robin Doubek                                  

Director of Girls Lacrosse

Andy Altman                                    

Director of Fields

Eric Nieckula                                    

Director of Team Administration

Buddy Metz                                      

Director of Equipment

                Steve Nuzzo                                    

Director of Game Day Operations

Breana Dorn                                    

Director of Social Media/Outreach